Síndroma da Mão Alheia

O paciente não consegue controlar uma das mãos - e essa mão efectua movimentos autónomos.

Alguns pacientes acordam de noite sentindo uma mão a tentar estrangulá-los.

Alien Hand Syndrome: affecting only one hand, the syndrome can cause people to strangle
themselves, attack others, or do battle with the good hand--the good hand struggling to restrain the
affected one. It's as if the affected hand is possessed by another identity. It's a frightening,
unpredicatable condition which can afflict anyone who's suffered brain injury, from a blow to the head,
stroke, alcohol abuse, or surgery. In 1962 Dr. Sperry discovered a similiar problem after performing
surgery on epilepsy patients, he referred to this as Disconnection Syndrome. Ref. Alien Hand
Syndrome was a documentary on The Learning Channel. Todd E Feinberg, M.D. at Beth Israel
Medical Center in New York is researching Alien Hand Syndrome.